Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services

Green Clean Solutions and Sanitization Services utilises WHO and CDC recommend certified content solutions. This tried and tested procedure has been endorsed and sanctioned for decades, by hospitals and medical facilities world-wide. They do not consider any other sanitisation methods as effective or reliable in the battle to eliminate COVID 19.

Green Clean Solutions and Sanitization Services are available in all areas within Cape Town, East London, Bloemfontein and George.

Since the COVID-19 virus hit China, we have been preparing on how best to act when it comes here. We are now confident we can provide effective and efficient disinfectant and antiviral sanitization services in South Africa by using non-toxic sanitizer as well as state of the art equipment for bacteria and viruses. We work closely with Daycare Centers (Child – Eldercare), Schools, Meeting places, Commercial Places, Residential Estates, Private Homes, Shops, Shipping Companies, Commercial fleet, Rideshare, Service delivery, Industrial, Warehouses and Offices.

Our Sanitization Services provides the best possible way to combat the virus as well as have peace of mind knowing you are in a safe secure environment.

What must your organisation comply with?

Organisations must comply with COVID-19 Direction on Health and Safety in the Workplace issued by the Minister in terms of Regulation 10(8) of the National Disaster Regulations.

Precautionary disinfection service

  • Ensure your premises is disinfected in safe, thorough, legally compliant manner.
  • WHO and CDC recommend Virus Killing Disinfectacts
  • Kills 99.999% of all viruses  and bacteria and has been tested against feline coronavirus 
  • Professional and Expertly Trained Antiviral Cleaners
  • Disinfection of all touchpoints that include door handles, light switches, equipment, desks and walls
  • Post-treatment report provided
  • We will beat any written quote.