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Sani Amanzi is a tested product for sanitising contaminated water

The “Sani Amanzi” products by the South African based organisation is solely meant to sanitize contaminated water for safer usage especially in the rural communities.

Statistics available indicate that globally, about 1,218 billion people live without safe drinkingsanitising contaminated water water each day, while in Africa 403.5million people are without safe drinking water daily.

Furthermore,a UNICEF report reveals that, one in three people globally do not have access tsanitising contaminated watero safe drinking water.

The Sani Amanzi products are designed and packed in four gram sachet packs and can sanitise contaminated water in quantities of 20 litters, reduce and destroy Salmonella, Shigella and Cholera in the water sources.

The product is extensively used in Mozambique after the last cyclone in the country and had save a lot of lives that could have been destroyed through contaminated water in that country.


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