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A Ventilator System Built For Rapid Deployment

This device represents a rapidly scalable opportunity for healthcare providers to provide life-sustaining mechanical ventilation to patients for whom no other option currently exists.

We aim to build a low-cost, scalable mechanical ventilator that will augment existing medical equipment to increase availability of mechanical ventilation worldwide, even in low resource areas. We believe this represents a realistic way to scale ventilator support in the face of potentially unprecedented demand. Please support us in the fight against COVID-19.


This mechanical ventilator is simple to use for ICU-trained medical providers. It is compact—the size of a cereal box—and relatively inexpensive to manufacture and distribute. This device does not require pressurized oxygen or air supply unlike commercially available mechanical ventilators.

The proposed system consists of a frame and mechanical actuator that will stabilize and compress a commercially available ambulatory ventilation bag connected to the patient’s endotracheal tube and external compressed oxygen, or if oxygen is not available, ambient air.

The frame can be metal-stamped, 3D-printed or modified consumer goods.

We are committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step of our work.

For all media inquiries, please email We will field all media requests as quickly as we can.

We are looking for production partners, specifically related to ambu bags, pressure relief (APL) valves, sheet metal fabrication (laser or water jet) and supplier/manufacturer of ball joint rod ends. Click “Become a Partner” below to join our cause and assist in these specific areas of need.

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